The Launch of 37 Magnets

Meaning from the Magnets on My Fridge

I love quotes. Quotes have a way of summing up a point, a perspective - a belief - and can say a lot in just a few words. A couple of years ago, I came upon some great quotes that are laid out very simply, in black and white - literally - on magnets.  I first saw them in the check out line at various book stores and supermarkets.  They’re by quotablemagnets™, by quoteablecards™, and I love them!  They’re made in the USA and printed using sustainable wind power (yes!).  Another feature is if you have a quote you’d like on one of their magnets, you can email it to quoteablecards™ for consideration.  Very cool.

I think I was meant to discover these at the same time I was coming into my balance and true self in the aftermath of my personal life crisis.  I got three quotes at first and stuck and them on my fridge.  A few weeks later I added a few more, each being a different quote I could really resonate with.  Gradually, I began collecting them, looking for ones I didn’t yet have.  With each new addition, I would purposefully rearrange them creating a specifically designed checkerboard of quotes and sayings.  Within a few months, the group of magnets, along with the occasional addition from my travels, had become a single entity on my fridge -  a collective symbol of my newly found center and wholeness - a symbol of my recovery.   

I’ve had them for some time now, and together they are a constant presence before me each day, keeping the ideas they state fresh and providing needed clarity on days that are more challenging.  But, like with most things, if we allow ourselves to stand back from something and grasp the bigger picture, we find new learnings and a greater message.  This happened one day while I was staring at the magnets on my fridge.  In tying together my studies and practice in conflict resolution, the links with neuroscience, and my experiences with every day life, I realized something even greater from my collection.  Though each quote is distinct in its word choice, each points to the same simple underlying, yet profound meaning: ease.  

 Ease.  Synonyms include simplicity, calm, comfort - peace.  Little did I realize, through my quest to collect an abundance of sayings that depict where I’ve been and where I am in my life today, I had created a tribute to ease, the deep seated need each of us have.  Ease from stress, ease from strain, ease from strife.

Upon this revelation, I began to look at each of the quotes more carefully, relating them one by one to the events in my life, lessons learned and the philosophies I’ve adopted along the way.  I decided to take each one and write about it; relate the story behind why I chose that quote as part of my overall collage; and how it can provide ease, if you let it. 

So, this begins a journey in itself - a series of reflections on the meaning from the magnets on my fridge.

I will periodically issue a new magnet of ease until I’ve covered them all.  Thirty-seven to be exact.  I think I’ll start with one of the three first quotes that I found - or that found me:  

“Out of clutter, 
ind simplicity. 
From discord, 
find harmony. 
In the middle of
difficulty lies
- Albert Einstein -

 See you soon!